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    Tim Fields

     Tim's creativity started at a very young age, along with the never ending quest to figure out what makes things tick. Before they knew it, Tim's parents where following him around, reassembling all the things he was taking apart as a child. It was natural instinct that drove him to constantly create. This instinct is still alive and stronger than ever.     

    From race cars to wall art

     There's not much Tim won't take on as a challenge. Spending the first decade of his adult life working for Daimler-Chrysler, then onto the action sports industry. After a 5 year hiatus, Tim returned to fabrication, helping fabricated race car frames at TEO Fabrication. From there his journey led him to one of the highest end fabrication shops on the east coast, AI Design. Tim's last stop in the automotive fabrication field found him at Dawes Motorsports, where he worked as a fabricator, tech, and track support.          

    A change of pace

     Tim ultimately decided to leave the automotive and fabrication industries. His desire to create outside the confines of a normal fabrication career, he invested into self discovery. Tim built a "micro shop" at his house, most of his work now comes from this humble little space.      

    It would not be if it were not for you.


    First off, Tim would like thank you for taking the time to visit his page. It really means a lot to him. 

    He also wants to take a moment to thank everyone who has helped him along the way. 

    To His Mother and Father, who have always supported their children's beliefs and aspersions. 

    To his beautiful companion, best friend, Fiance, and occasional shop hand. She has been there every step of the way, through life's ebb and flow. Without her support, none of this would be possible.

    To everyone else along the way. Tim has worked with countless individuals. Most have helped him take away small bits of knowledge that are now a very strong collective. 

    To Brett McLain and Casey Roe at Freehand Custom Carving. They have opened the doors to whole new world for Tim. Surrounded by art, creativity, encouragement, peacefulness, they provide the foundation of what will be an awesome adventure in the world of art. 

    "With every molecule of my being, Thank You." - TF